​​​​The primary mandate of PPADB is to adjudicate ​and award tenders for Central Government and any other institutions specified under ​the Act for the delivery of works, services and supplies related services 

PPADB provides a wide range of services and products designed to help contractors and customers who do business with Government. These include publishing tender notices, conducting Tender Opening, considering Tender evaluation report from Procuring Entities, publishing award decisions as well as resolving Tender-related complaints prior to such complaints being escalated to the Independent Complaints Resolution Committee or to the Courts.

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Capa​​city Building

​​T​​he Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board training program aims to create awareness and appreciation of the requirements of the PPAD Act and Regulations as well as international best practices in public sector procurement. 
The Public Procurement and Asset Disposal training program aims to create an awareness and appreciation of the requirements of the PPAD Act and Regulations and international best practices in  public sector procurement. 
The program focuses on building the requisite knowledge and skills required in order to apply the requirements of the Act & Regulation in the day to day management of public procurement and asset disposal. Procurement practitioners and contractors equipped with the skills to understand the following; 
- The structure of the legal and regulatory framework for public procurement and the key features of each constituent part. 
- Procurement Plannin
- Procedures, processes and controls in tendering 
- Public Procurement Principles.
- Preparation of tender documents. 
- Evaluation, adjudication and award of tenders.
- Debriefing. 
- Preparing winning bids.
- Bid Protest,etc. ​​  ​​​

Contractor Registration
The Board is required to register contractors intending to bid for Central Govern​ment's procurement and asset disposal in respect of works, supplies and services.  The requirement onl?y applies to contractors domiciled within Botswana. Internationally-based companies are currently not required to register with PPADB. 
Contractor Registration Steps;  
1) Visit IPMS Portal 
2) Select Register button if new user or request for IPMS Account details from Service Desk to login.  
3) Create IPMS Account  
4) Provide your company username and password to create login details for IPMS account. Activate account with link sent to email.  
5) Create Basic Profile Enter your company registration details and primary contacts. On completion of ALL four templates ensure that you click on Submit.  
6)In templates (5-13), complete all relevant sections applicable to sub-code aapplication requirements. Attach supporting documents as required.  
7) Select Codes and sub-codes Choose discipline (Works, Services, Supplies) as well as Code and Sub-Codes as preferred.  
8) On completion, click 'Save' then click 'submit'   
9)A confirmation message will be displayed.
NB: In the event that contractors have forgotten their password, they can obtain such by clicking on the 'Forgot Password' function in the IPMS home page to reset their password. ??
Alternatively, Password may be re-set by PPADB staff on request from the contractor. Such contractors are expected to complete a form to capture the request.​


1.0 Receive Bidding Document
1.1 Registry Office Assistant (ROA) receives the bidding document (BD) (including tender addenda).
1.2 ROA allocates tender number as applicable to the bidding document (refer to File Index)
1.3 ROA registers the bidding document into a register (ITT-FM-01) and informs the respective Personal Assistant (PA) through e-mail/telephone to collect the bidding document.
1.5 The PA collects the document from ROA and signs for it in the register (ITT-FM-01)
1.6 The PA registers the bidding document in the Divisional Register (ITT-FM-02) and produces a tracking form (ITT-FM-03).
1.7 The PA affixes the tracking form (ITT-FM-03) to the bidding document and submits the document to the Divisional Manager (DM) for allocation to Procurement Specialist (PS) for vetting.
1.8 The PS receives the bidding document and signs for receipt in the Divisional Register ITT-FM-02.

2.0: Vet Bidding Document
2.1 The PS compares/verifies the ITT against a prepared checklist as contained in the tracking form (ITT-FM-03), this includes checking for compliance to the standard bidding package, procurement procedures as maybe contained in the PPAD Act and Regulations
2.2 The PS documents observations requiring amendment and or correction by the PE in the Tracking Form (ITT-FM-03) as well as in the Bid document and signs off the document.
2.3 The bidding document is sent to the DM for quality check and signs it off in the Tracking Form (ITT-FM-03)
2.4 DM submits the bidding document to the Executive Director (ED). If the submission is for complex projects it must be quality assured however, for other projects the ED randomly samples for quality assurance. Note: Step 1-2 above are completed within 5 days. If bidding document Complies with the requirements Then The bidding document is sent to Office of the Board Secretary for vetting and allocation of tender closing dates and signs off.(2-5 days) Go to Step 3. Else If bidding document Does not comply The bidding document is sent back to the PE for correction
• The vetting PS informs the PE of the need to correct the bidding document.
• The PS signs off the bidding document in the Divisional Register (ITT-FM-02)
• The PA collects the bidding document from PS and sends it to Registry for collection and signs for it in the Outgoing ITT Register (ITT-FM-04)
• The PE collects the bidding document and sign for it in the Outgoing ITT Register (ITT-FM-04). Note: In case of rework upon submission, the turn-around time starts again.
3.0 PE collects ITT from PPADB
3.1 PA collects document from OBS and submits to Records Officer (RO)
3.2 RO receives Bidding Document from the PA and registers it in the Bid Document Register (COR-FM-0 3).
3.3 RO submits the ITT to Reprographics for duplication.
3.4 RO keeps a copy of the ITT and submits the Original Bidding Document to the Registry for collection by PE.
3.5 PS calls PE to come and collect the ITT.
3.6 PE collects the ITT for incorporating dates and signs off in the ITT-FM-04. Note: Turnaround time: 1 day.
4.0: Publish Tender Notice