Checked Out To: Keemenao JappieDeclaration_MFDP_ver1.pdf
Checked Out To: Keemenao Jappie
End of Actvity Report controlled 07 08 13.docx
Form MTC No2  Declaration of Secrecy.pdf
Form MTC No3.pdf
T2.1 – List of Returnable Documents
Amended Certificate of Authority of Signatory
Circular 10 of 2011 - Consolidation of Government initiatives on Procurement
Circular 2 of 2010 - Role Clarity- Responsibilities, Powers and functions of MTC's and PU's
Circular 2 of 2011 - Request for Submission of Procurement Schedule for 2011-2012 Financial Year
Circular 3 of 2010 - Procedures for Suspension or Delisting of Contractors
Circular 4 of 2010 - Review and Increase of Financial thresholds for MTC's And DATC's
Circular 4 of 2011 - Alignment of Procurement and Disposal Procedures and Processes to PPADB Act
Circular 5 of 2010 - Replacement of Old Central Tender Board Forms
Circular 6 of 2010 - Implementation of the PPADB Cost Recovery Initiatives
Circular 6 of 2011 - Price Adjustment during the term of the Contract-Regulation
Circular 7 of 2010 - Request for Publicity Space in Ministry Newsletter
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