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The Government of Botswana funded Integrated Procurement Management system (IPMS) is implemented by Corporate Business Solutions (CBS) and expected to be live in within the 2010/2011 financial year. The project’s main goal is to implement a modern e-procurement solution in the Republic of Botswana that will increase efficiency and transparency of public sector procurement and open new channels of doing business in an open and secure manner.  
Currently PPADB only has a physical presence in Gaborone, therefore, customers have to travel to PPADB offices for almost all services, including ITT vetting by Procuring Entities (PE), registration of contractors, submission of bids etc. At times, frequent visits and meetings may be required by bidders for clarifications leading to cost in terms of travel and time incurred by the bidders. Participation by bidders from certain geographic areas may be limited as a result.  In view of the above, PPADB sought to find a solution to decentralize services, be more accessible to a wider customer base and to effectively and efficiently deliver services to the customer.

 IPMS is a secure, highly available web based information system designed to automate the procurement process of the Government of Botswana. As a result, IPMS may be referred to as a business to government enabler aimed at maximizing efficiency and reducing on paperwork transactions. Benefits of IPMS to different stakeholders


  • An electronic database of all registered contractors will be kept. This functionality will enable email notifications to be sent to contractors for tenders in circulation that they are eligible to tender for.
  • The system will interface with other Government of Botswana systems for online verification of information  as may be required for contractor registration and/or upgrading including vehicle registration, tax clearance etc. As a result there will be no need for the customer to submit such documents all the time. This will also ensure integrity, currency and authenticity of information
  • By deploying IPMS, the customer will only need a computer and internet access to have access to PPADB services anytime from anywhere. This removes geographical barriers and reduces administrative costs as transactions in the system will be paper less. By deploying this system, PPADB is truly taking services to the people.


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