Guideline for users

How to access procurement or disposal package (forms & documents)

7. Under each procurement/disposal activity there is folder with a collection of minimum standardized forms and documents required for the procurement or disposal of Government assets. Clicking on the serial label (“WOR01”) of the activity will lead to the folder with the forms.

8. In the folder there is a document labeled “SBPForms” which contains information on what each form is used for and under what conditions.

9. The forms have fields that require the compiler to input required information. Along side (on the right column) there is guidance on the required information.

10. The standard text in the forms is not to be modified.

11. The forms or documents in Adobe Acrobat shall not be modified, there are to be used as they are.

12. The main purpose of the Standardised Bidding Packages is to have standard forms, documents and information for the procurement or disposal of similar items.

Once you access the package (forms and documents), you need to select the appropriate package (group of documents & forms) that closely fits the description of the procurement activity that they wish to undertake.


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